July 15th, 2016

Anime posters and a few manga

I have some anime posters that i no longer want, so I'd like to trade them. I'd prefer trading over selling, because honestly i have no idea how to sell with Paypal .-. I also have False Memories vol 1 (yaoi) and Terra Formars vol 1. Here's a link to the pictures: http://m.imgur.com/a/OKQmh Terra Formars isn't there. I can post a picture if requested. The posters are in pretty good condition, some have frayed corners, a few small dents, and some tape stuck to the back. They still look nice, in my opinion. Oh, and the manga in the pictures, aside from False Memories, aren't for sale. I just used those to hold the posters down :P If you'd like anything just ask. I do have specific wants, so I'll post those if anyone is actually interested. Thanks!