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Selling Yoneda Kou's COLOR Artbook & Yaoi Manga

SHIPPING: I will ship and give quotes on shipping costs via media mail if you do not specify otherwise. I am willing to ship internationally but keep in mind international prices can be costly. ***Please don't inquire about an international price if you aren't prepared for the cost to be high because it most likely will be, books aren't exactly light afterall.***

PAYMENT: I accept payment via paypal or concelealed cash but I recommend paypal more as it is the fastest as safest method. Keep in mind of paypal fees if you are not sending the money via gift as well, and please specify whether or not you want to send via gift or with fees when asking about a shipping quote.

Note: Items in the set sections i will ONLY sell as a set as well as the items by author that have 2 or more titles. I will make an acception if you are wanting the end (meaning up to the last book i have) titles of multiple books in a series i have as long as I do NOT have the complete series.
RED colored titles are rarer than normal titles.
Accepting reasonable OFFERS (please don't ask me how much, tell me an offer-obviously rarer titles I will want more for than regular ones), i am not desperate to get rid of these so pls don't try to lowball.
All books are in good condition unless specified otherwise

Yoneda Kou's COLOR Film Illustration Book: Brand New

***Note I am also trading for Twittering Birds Never Fly volume 1 by her as I was too busy to get it when it came out. Please let me know if you have this for trade and what you would like to trade for***

Yaoi titles-

By Hinako Takanaga:
Little Butterfly 1-3
Awkward Silence 1-2
A Capable Man
Love Round
The Devil's Secret

By Sakuragi Yaya:
Tea For Two 1-4
Hey Sensei?
Stay Close to Me

By Haruka Minami:
Love La Carte
My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor

By Sakuragi Mei:
I Want To Be Naughty! (TowaxMikado)
Warui yatsu demo li (TowaxMikado)*Japanese
Kirai ja nai kedo (YukimuraxShinonome)*Japanese
Koi ja nai kedo (YukimuraxShinonome)*Japanese
Mujihi na Otoko (NanaoxAikawa)*Japanese

By Yamane Ayano:
Finder 1-4, 6
The Crimson Spell 1

By Yugi Yamada:
Glass Sky
Dry Heat
Don't Blame Me 1-2
Laugh Under the Sun

Private Teacher 1-3
Embracing Love 1-5
(outside of the pages of book 1 are yellowed. The inside of the book is fine its just when its closed the outside portion of the pages looks yellow)
Rabit Man, Tiger Man 1-2
Boy Princess 1-9
Passion 1-4
Maiden Rose 1-2

Other rarer titles:
Ruff Love(small mark on back where it was bent)
Mister Mistress 1
Wild Rock
On Bended Knee
Red Blinds the Foolish
Constallations in My Palm
Noodle Shop Affair 1

Other titles:
Black Sun 2
Take Me to Heaven
The Summit
Only The Ring Finger Knows
White Guardian
Good Morning

Kiss All the Boys 1-3(2-3 rarer)
Yakuza in Love 1-3(2 rarer)
My Bad!
The Desert Prince
The Devil Inside
Because I'm a Boy


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