love_xd (love_xd) wrote in manga_trade,

Selling [Manga, Doujinshi, Video Games, etc]

I'm selling English Manga (Skip Beat, Love Com, V.B. Rose, Venus Capriccio & more!), Yaoi Manga (A Strange and Mystifying Story, Hey Sensei?, Calling, Ninth Life Love & more!), Video Games (DS), HAIR FRINGE & PONY TAIL, Jpop/Kpop/Cpop CDs, and Ao no Exorcist--Code Geass--Free!--Gintama--Gundam 00--Hetalia--KOMEYA (Nekota Yonezou)--Kuroko no Basket--Kuroshitsuji--Lucky Dog 1--Magi--Naruto--Prince of Tennis--Reborn!--Tiger&Bunny Doujinshi!

And prices can be negotiated! You can even make me an offer! ^__^

Interested? Come here! [info]love_xd

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